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I love my barber and I can’t believe he doesn’t have a website. It’s a catch 22. If he gets a website then everyone will know how great he is and I’ll never get a seat again. He is happy because he has so many happy clients they always recommend him and he always does a great job.

My son and I usually go and my wife begrudgingly will come take him when I am too busy with SEO clients. I was invited to a company party and they told us we could bring family. My wife said my son had to get a hair cut before going! It was the day of the party and I never found time to take him. My wife said she would take him. I called my barber … No answer. I didn’t have time to wait so I went to the website of my previous barber I went to and set up a reservation for 3 PM. The party was at 6:30 the same night. the owner of the last place was actually a great barber and taught hair cutting in the back room to anyone who needed a break and has some level of talent. He is a great guy to his friends, but all of his barbers to last only but so long. I was asked for my credit card and was able to schedule the time I wanted. I let my wife know about the change and she was concerned that my favorite barber couldn’t be found.

My son got his hair cut. It was decent. My wife saw how timid the barber was with him. My wife thought it was because she wasn’t comfortable for some reason. She missed some things and didn’t understand the haircut that we wanted. The timid barber tried to build report with the 6 year old by asking what his hobbies are. LOL. Eating candy and playing with toys. He’s 6! My wife and I cracked up at the new barber. I didn’t want to tell him he got a sub-par haircut and that we would be going, as soon as possible, to our regular barber to fix all of the mistakes. I asked him, “How was the haircut?” He said, “Dad she was like an angel. She was so gentle.” he went on to explain that all of the other barbers are so rough on his little head. “Can we please get two haircuts all of the time?” he begged. He wanted one from the angel and one from our regular barber.

I called my barber and told him about the bad haircut around 5 PM. He explained to me that the power went out between 1 and 2 PM for a planned power upgrade on the street.

This all could have been solved if he let me build him a one page website. We could have embedded a Facebook status on the page and he could have posted the issue. I never would have called his competitor. And i would never have to figure out how not to get two haircuts for my son.

I told my barber … “You’re 55. You’re gonna sell this business soon. The new owner keep the name (even though it’s the barber’s) and just enjoy the existing clientele. The value of your business will go up $50,000 if you have a $30 a month website, that will actual help your business with the existing clientele. You have a platform to help other businesses as well. Instead of the board near the cash register, people can submit their event or business online and have it on the website.” He was not embarrassed, he was scared his business wouldn’t be his anymore. I warned him “People are talking about your business online anyway. You should try to have a voice in the conversation.” I didn’t tell him he was competing with an angel. He had a smart phone and kept up with his biker buddies and old friends. He was very familiar with Facebook.

We talked about what would go on the website. He was happy. “Just three things on one page?!?!”

We decided to Local SEO only. We found out that other people had been placing their website link on all of his different directory listings. His competitors hijacked his Google, Yelp, and Yahoo listings. It took us a month to get these all straightened out.

He was getting frustrated with the whole process. Let’s forget about the website and just have your new domain name point to your Facebook page. he still doesn’t have a website, but he is happy. All we really want is happy clients and a way not to get two haircuts every two weeks with my son.

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