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SEO Keywords

1) KWFINDER.COM – About $40 per month

This is a great tool for researching keywords that work for you. Google Keyword tool is cumbersome compafred to these tools and doesn’t provide suggestions at fruitful as

The goal with all of the keywords is to find a niche that you are already in and exploit it. If you are good at ten things but only one is not really being chased by other competitors, focus some content building on this keyword. If you are just starting out and looking for a name of your website this is a great first step as well. I had a client who did SPA and MASSAGE. We found out that 1.5M people search for SPA every year. 2.5M people search for MASSAGE every year. We made a conscience decision to look for old domains that had died with massage in their domain name to perform some fancy Private Blog Network building. That’s another reason to know your keywords. When you get sophisticated enough to start buy new domains to support your existing domaion you have to start with keywords.

2) – About $37 per month

This is another great keyword tool. Does a carpenter have two hammers. Yes. So I have multiple¬† keyword finding tools. It’s a great way to see if KWFINDER data is a good source. If you have chosen a keyword that you want to dominate you’ll need to find long tail keywords that go along with your target keyword.¬† If you want to dominate for POGO STICKS would need to dominate for long tail keywords like

  • pogo sticks for kids
  • adult pogo sticks
  • flybar pogo stick
  • professional pogo stick
  • where to buy a pogo stick
  • where can i buy a pogo stick
  • children’s pogo stick

You’ll notice similar keywords but they have much different results in Google.

POGO STICKS FOR KIDS – Average of 2400 times per month with a peak of 8100 searches in the month of December

CHILDREN’S POGO STICK – Average of 260 times per month with a peak of 980 searches in the month of December.

As a business you can choose where you want to spend your resources. You can build for both keywords but where do you think you’ll get the most targeted traffic.

This is what makes SEO so trickey. Unless your a powerful website you wont be in a top position for a prime keyword. People are lazy. They will give 4000 clicks tot he result in the first position for “pogo sticks for kids” and give you 100 clicks for being on the second page. If you are number one for “children’s pogo stick” you’ll get 400 clicks for a lot less work than the other keyword and the traffic is till targeted.

SEO Competitors

SEMRUSH.COM – About $100 per month

If you want to know your competitors current strategy you can use many tools. SEMRUSH.COM will do research on organic (not paid) and Inorganic (paid) search results. You’ll be able to see their best keywords and how they have ranked over time. You’ll see who is chasing you after you have an established keyword. You’ll be able to see how all of the competitors are ranking for a keyword over time. You’ll even be able to see how Google algorithm changes allow for people who only use white hat techniques to continually rise in rankings.

SEMRUSH will also show you how well a competitor ranks for ads. This is a whole different set of rules for Pay Per Click ads (PPC). An ad will show what keywords they wanted to pay for and what keywords and calls to action they used in their ads. This is extremely powerful data.

AHREFS.COM – About $100 per month

Along with everything that SEMRUSH can do, AHREF also gives you a website analysis tool to monitor and improve your SEO health. Search engines use more than 200 different ranking factors to crawl your website and determine if it deserves to rank high. With so many variables, most websites tend to overlook small SEO issues and even basic optimization best practices that keep them away from getting traffic from their next customer. The tool will even go so far as to fix the issues that is finds.

Content and General SEO Tools


Varvy will check your website for various basic issues like AHREFS. This a great way to make sure your website is on the cutting edge of SEO at all times. It will check for:

  • Googlebot access
  • Page resources
  • CSS files
  • Javascript files
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Plugins
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Page speed
  • Robots.txt
  • Image alt text
  • Sitemaps
  • Paid links
  • Valid HTML
  • Findable links
  • HTTP headers


This site will do a content review of a web page. You can use it for your web page or for a competitor to find out their secrets. Submit the page and find out if the stole they words (plagiarism) from someone else.¬† You can also check if you are buying content from SEO writers that they are not just “Spinning”existing content from other sites with similar SEO requirements and selling it to you as genuine and unique SEO content.

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